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CNC Swiss screw machining 1 1/2 MM to 32 MM (.040 in. to 1.25 in). Tolerances + or - .0002

CNC Turning to 1 1/16" diameter. Tolerances + or - .0005.

Screw machining to 1 1/4 inch diameter. Tolerances + or - .002.

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Erickson Automatics Inc. is a proven leader in the production of screw products, that you can rely on for the most up to date machines to handle your machining requirements.

Successful screw products companies such as Erickson, assure that their customer service staff has the knowledge and mastery of their shop production systems in order to answer customer's questions quickly.

If you have short, medium or long run screw product requirements, we have complete manufacturing facilities to meet your needs.

Tooling is supplied at no charge to you. To assure that there is no down time due to breaking tools, back up tooling is on hand.

As a purchasing agent of screw products, you and your engineers are responsible for assuring that your parts are made right, delivered on time, at the lowest possible price.

You will get the right answers to the following questions from Erickson Automatics:

  1. Can this vendor deliver machined parts quickly, without sacrificing quality?

  2. Is their equipment the best available to get you a good price?

  3. Do they have the resources to complete the job?

  4. Are they aware of and concerned about my company's screw product needs and problems?

Our reputation as a reliable source, is based on our on time delivery as well as our ability to maintain exact reproduction of your screw product parts.

Our multi spindle screw machine operators have set lofty standards and adhere to internal procedures that ensure our customers' expectations are met or exceeded.

They are experts in the machining field.

Answers to your questions, estimates and follow-through on projects are handled with a real sense of urgency.

Please refer to the materials list (left hand column) for information on the materials that we machine or give us a call.

Secondary operations such as heat treating and plating can be arranged when required.

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24800 ULYSSES CT. N. E.
ISANTI, MN 55040

P. O. BOX 216, CEDAR, MN 55011
PHONE 763-444-4698 TOLL FREE 888-562-7467
FAX 763-444-4699

Don't forget to ask about our customized inventory plans, designed around your screw product requirements.

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